Aluminum is one of the world’s most abundant metals known for its light weight, strength and corrosion resistance. Untreated aluminum profiles are sufficient for most applications, but there are many valid reasons to treat the aluminum surface. These include coloring, corrosion resistance and increased hardness of the metal, prevention of wear and additional reflection power.

ATİK successfully applies surface treatment such as anodizing and electrostatic powder painting that are the most preffered applications.



Although electrostatic powder coating and anodizing are different in terms of processes, they are high quality finishes, each of which is used in aluminum extrusions.

Oxidation of an extruded profile is a natural process. Oxidation is accelerated thanks to anodic coating in order to thicken the underlying oxide layer. This preserves the metallic appearance of the aluminum. It is often applied as a preferred material for decorative purposes. Finishes in anodised profiles are soft and satinlike and offer long-term protection against corrosion. This results in an almost unlimited lifetime with minimum maintenance.

In the case of aluminum extrusion applications, the top layer is between 5 and 15 microns and in outdoor applications between 15 and 25 microns.



Electrostatic powder dyeing is one of the most used surface treatments in aluminum profiles. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This finish, applied on the aluminum profile for decorative as well as protective purposes, is obtained by electrostatically charging the powder containing mainly a finely sieved resin and pigment mixture, then spraying it onto the profile and finally melting it into an even coating in the curing oven.

Among the features of electrostatic powder coating are suitability to every weather condition, good adhesion and handling properties, excellent resistance to UV rays and corrosion, high color reproducibility.

When it comes to surface treatment, the anodic and paint quality is to be found at ATİK.

This has also been proven with the right to receive QUALANOD and QUALICOAT certificates.